We founded Titutitech with the goal to support small and medium-sized developers create their dreamed games.

As we are more tech oriented than art oriented, this usually means helping game developers with complex/tedious stuff such as network code, artificial intelligence, optimization, integration with third party servies, or tools/engine development.




After years of experience battling different systems, we are now experienced in developing games for consoles and mobile devices.

If you need to have all your attention into finishing and making the best of your game idea, we can help you with the not-so-creative process of bringing it as many systems as possible :)


Full development

If you have a game idea but do not have game development knowledge or if you need a small game for commercial or other purposes, we can help you!

Our team is flexible and we can adapt to your project needs, brining the game all the way from conceptualization up to release.

Contact us if you want to know what we can do for you!